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(no subject) [Aug. 8th, 2008|08:05 pm]

B: 2 TJ’s blueberry toaster pastries, coffee w/lite vanilla soy & sucanat
L: TJs mushroom rice noodle soup, broccoli
S: TJs granola bar
D: baked potato w/cheese, pluot, ½ choc chip cookie
S: TJs handful of trek mix

B: TJs NF mixed berry yogurt, granola bar, coffee w/lite vanilla soy & sucanat
L: 2 slices toasted protein bread, cucumber, lite cheddar w/mayo
S: TJs NF apricot yogurt, 10 peanut M&Ms
D: asian salad wrap w/chicken
S: TJs sweet & sour granola bar, popcorn
activity: none
weird craving (no, not pregnant, just a craving): about 9pm, I was craving toast with mayo on it. I hardly ever eat mayo. Or toast. So very weird.

B: TJs NF raspberry yogurt, coffee w/lite vanilla soy & sucanat
L: 2 slices toasted protein bread, tuna w/mayo
S: granola bar
D: baked potato w/ cheese, lite mixed fruit
S: Protein toast w/mayo (I finally gave in after craving this for the last day), 2 toaster pastries, cosmo

hmmm… too much packaged crap. WTF is up with this toast and mayo craving? Need more fruits and veggies and protein, less carbs.

B: TJs NF strawberry yogurt, coffee w/lite vanilla soy & sucanat
S: mini diet coke
L: TJs Turkey and provolone sandwich w/pesto mayo
S: TJs handful of trek mix, diet gingerale
D: Vietnamese takeout: shrimp spring rolls, rice, portion of seafood clay pot, portion of eggplant & tofu clay pot

I've had a killer headache off and on all day. Could be stress related.
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(no subject) [Jul. 19th, 2008|10:57 am]

Down 4.1 pounds since starting.  Yay! :)  I've been extremely busy the past few days, so I'm sure a few things are not here (I haven't even had time to write stuff down):
B: TJ’s NF apricot yogurt, coffee w/lite vanilla soy & sucanat,
S: 1 oz lite cheddar
L: PB & blackberry jam on 2 slices protein bread, can lite mixed fruit
S: 3 mini apricots, 1 red vines, can lite fruit
D: chicken burrito w/sour cream (she asked if I wanted 3 items and I said yes before I realized one was sour cream and then it was too late to not have it – oops)
S: 2 akmaks & lite cheddar
Activity: 30 minute walk

B: TJ’s NF yogurt, coffee w/lite vanilla soy & sucanat
L: baked potato w/lite cheddar cheese, diet ginger ale
S: 3 red vines, can lite fruit
D: whole wheat pasta w/TJs sauce & quorn veggie “beef”
S: 2 akmaks & lite cheddar
Activity: 2 hours random metal work (some minor lifting/moving orb shells, but mostly walking around & running machines to form metal parts

B: B: TJ’s NF yogurt, coffee w/lite vanilla soy & sucanat
L: 1 large piece herb foccacia
D: 1 c sticky rice, basa fish in clay pot, eggplant curry
S: 1 piece chocolate cake
Activity: 2 hours walking at Kahlo exhibit, ~1.5 hours welding/metal work

Brunch: coffee w/lite vanilla soy & sucanat, 2 slices toasted protein bread, 2 fried eggs (no oil), 1 oz lite cheddar, ketchup
S: peach, luna bar, 1 akmak cracker
D: leftover rice, clay pot fish, eggplant curry, chocolate cake
S: 1 oz lite cheddar
Activity: nothing (hip really hurts)

Notes: I eat *a lot* of cheese.  It's all LF, but still.  And we need to go shopping!
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17w2d [Mar. 24th, 2008|11:26 am]
Breakfast:  Grape Nuts Trail Mix Crunch, Skim Milk, Strawberry Yogurt
Lunch:  Roasted Turkey Sandwich with Mayo, Mustard, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onion on a Kaiser Roll, Baked Lays
Snack:   Oatmeal Raisin Cookie with Skim Milk

Wears:  Maternity Jeans (from Mimi), Banana Republic Cream Sweater with huge cowl neck, Light Brown slouchy Aldo Boots 

I need to get back on track. 
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(no subject) [Mar. 10th, 2008|08:36 am]
 Breakfast:  Fiber One Yogurt, Small Apple Juice, Toasted Whole Wheat English Muffin with Reduced Fat PB, Decaf with skim Milk
Lunch:  Lean Cuisine Gourmet Mushroom Pizza, Fruit Salad
Snack:  Colby Jack Cheese Stick and a handful of Wheat Thins

Water:  32 oz already (!)  

I didn't eat too much yesterday because I had a headache that was likely a migraine that made me sick to my stomach.  Of course, you can only take tylenol and that didn't even put a dent in the headache.

Wears:  J.crew Green, Brown and Grey Argyle V-neck sweater, J.Crew white button down, bootcut sevens, Nine West black loafer flats.
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(no subject) [Mar. 4th, 2008|10:12 am]
Breakfast:  Toasted English Muffin with Reduced Fat Peanut Butter, Strawberry Yogurt, Decaf Coffee
Snack:  Orange Juice, Girl Scout Cookie
Lunch:  Pesto Chicken Lean Cuisine Flatbread, Apple, Wasa Cracker with Laughing Cow Cheese
Snack:  Wasa Cracker with Laughing Cow Cheese, and who am I kidding, probably a few girl scout cookies
Dinner:  Open - Working late so we'll order dinner.  If it's terribly unhealthy, I'm going to have roasted red pepper soup, wheat toast, and an apple.
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14w2d [Mar. 3rd, 2008|08:34 am]
Weight:  138.4 (+3.8 lbs from pre-pregnancy)

Breakfast - Apple Juice, English Muffin with 2 tbsp. reduced fat peanut butter, small container blueberry yogurt
Snack - Apple and a slice of cheddar cheese
Lunch - Leftover beef stew (with tons of veggies in there), 4 inches of baguette, skim milk
Snack - 
Dinner - 

Water - 16 oz so far
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(no subject) [Feb. 20th, 2008|11:26 am]
Weight:  138.2 (+3.5lbs since BFP, probably 2 lbs is in my boobs)

Breakfast:  Decaf skim latte, english muffin with reduced fat peanut butter, strawberry yogurt
Snack:  Banana
Lunch:  Nitrate-free turkey and colby cheese on sourdough with light mayo, mustard, lettuce, onion, and avocado, baked barbecue krunchers
Snack:  Wasa Cracker with laughing cow cheese
Dinner:  No idea, hopefully something healthy

Wears:  Black BR Merino Wool Turtleneck Sweater, Tan and Black Herringbone wide leg pants, BCBG pointed toe boots

Water:  30 oz. so far.
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(no subject) [Feb. 18th, 2008|09:43 am]
 Breakfast:  Stick of cheese, small bowl of special k with red berries, skim milk, and a brownie.

It's not off to a great start - I'm home today and I've already had a brownie.  Does not bode well for the rest of the day!
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(no subject) [Feb. 13th, 2008|09:39 am]

 Breakfast - English Muffin, reduced fat peanut butter, apple turnover yogurt, and a carton of skim milk.
Snack - 
Lunch -  Lean Cuisine Flatbread, Wasa cracker, stick of colby jack cheese, banana
Snack -  Wasa cracker, laughing cow cheese, handful of sunchips
Dinner - It's book club night, so it won't be pretty.  We were reading a book set in India, so it will be Indian food.  I love that stuff.  

Wears - I look much better today, thankyouverymuch.  I am wearing a crisp white button down from J. Crew, a knee length a-line black and white tweed skirt from J. Crew with a velvet ribbon around the waist, Patterned black tights, Black BCBG knee high boots.  


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(no subject) [Feb. 12th, 2008|03:05 pm]
 Well, the wheels fell off a little this weekend on vacation.  We were at a rustic lodge, and everything was homemade.  Three hot meals a day, with enough to feed an army at each of them.  They all had desserts too.  So much for an extra 300 calories a day - try 3000!

Breakfast:  English Muffin with reduced fat peanut butter, strawberry yogurt, carton of skim milk
Snack:  1 full mango
Lunch:  Lean Cuisine Chicken Ranch Club Flatbread, Large Whole Wheat Wasa Cracker, Stick of Monterey Jack Cheese
Snack:  3 altoid sours, Large Whole Wheat Wasa Cracker, Laughing Cow Cheese, Apple
Dinner:  (Planned) Roasted Vegetable Sandwich (Portabella, Tomatoes, Zucchini), provolone cheese on focaccia, small green salad, prenatal vitamin

Water - Tons

Wears - I hardly want to talk about it.  It's not pretty because I feel like I can't wear any of my normal clothes, which tend to be a little tighter fit.  Joe's Muse Jeans, Brown, tan and white chunky knit turtleneck sweater, and I haven't changed out of my Uggs. 
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